Now, I'm not one of those conspiracy people, but I am fairly neurotic, so something like this is going to get my brain going full speed and at a tilt. Cheyenne Presents is over here releasing social media posts where they give us ambiguous ideas about who knows what. I mean, really, I have no idea what to make of the post that they made yesterday on TikTok and Facebook.

They use the TikTok theme of "Nobody's Gonna Know". That theme is typically used when something is a little more obvious. But, they only give us a small hint. And the hint itself leads to more questions.

Here' check it out for yourself.

So, that was the 12th time I've watched that. All I can decipher is that MAYBE an artist that had a big hit in 2010 could potentially be on their way to Cheyenne? What's more of a question is, is this going to be a concert at the Civic Center? Or, is this going to be a big show with Fridays On The Plaza coming up soon?

All we can do is speculate since they mentioned in the post, "Big news coming soon...".

I'm going to crack this case. I don't know how yet, but it's going to happen. Or, you know, they'll make the announcement before I'm able to get my code wheel and notebooks out of storage to figure out this mystery.

Either way, it's really looking like we're about to have some huge news drop on us. Here's to a great show coming to Cheyenne!

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