The Laramie community has come together in a big way to help a family in need. Taco John’s of Laramie organized a fundraiser to help the family of a child who suffered serious injuries at a local in-home daycare. The community rallied in support of the family, and the restaurant raised over $5,000 in one day to help with medical costs and other needs. A check was presented to the family on Thursday, December 18.

The fundraiser, which took place on December 10, involved the store donating half of their daily sales to the family. Addition donations for the cause were also accepted.

In total, the store raised $5653.25 for the now 10-month-old baby and his family. A total of 611 customers purchased items at Taco John’s for the day, racking up over $3000 in donations from half of the store’s daily sales.  Additionally, patrons donated over $2,000 directly to the family through the fundraiser.

This event had an outpouring of community support, creating the biggest sales day in Laramie Taco John’s history by almost $1,000.

“The community support was just phenomenal,” says Katie Koenig, General Manager at the Laramie Taco John’s. “I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

Koenig says she was thrilled to see the community come together as a whole to help a family in need.

“It definitely means a lot to the family, and it definitely means a lot to us as a company-receiving that kind of support,” says Koenig. “So we are definitely very thankful for such a giving community.”

The family expressed gratitude to all those who helped in the fundraiser. The baby was all smiles as the check was presented. The bright-eyed baby laughed and clapped his hands at the sight of the oversized check.

The parents say the boy is doing much better than was originally expected. He is still recovering, and the lasting effects of the injuries are still largely unknown. He will be required to undergo therapy until he is about six years old, at which point his development will be evaluated, and a better idea of how he has overcome the injuries will be gained.