Laramie Main Street will be kicking off its "Revive the Wyo" fundraising campaign on September 10th, during the NU2U Street Dance and Pop Up Art Walk. This will be with challenge matches offered by Pence and MacMillan, Premier Bone & Joint, and the Wyo Task Force volunteers totaling $3,000.

In August of 2019, Laramie Main Street was gifted the shuttered Wyo Theater. At this time, improvements to the building, including electrical and mechanical upgrades, a fire suppression system, and ADA accessibility, are of the highest priority.

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Meeting code requirements for public safety and getting the doors open is expected to cost $640,807.

Cost estimates for the full rehabilitation of the building, including the potential for a new stage, sound, and light system, a restored facade, and the ability to reopen the balcony, is projected at $1.5 million.

In 2020, Laramie Main Street invested funds from its reserves to match grants from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, Wyoming Main Street, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and the Guthrie Family Foundation. $73,000 was raised and spent to replace the roof, conduct visioning and pre-development work with a facilitator, architect, and engineer.

To date, volunteers have contributed 450 hours to the project with an in-kind value of $12,150.

With this progress being made so far, Laramie Main Street's “Revive the Wyo” launch will be in conjunction with the 7th annual Pop-Up Art Walk on September 10 to assist in the rehabilitation of the historic Wyo Theater at 309 S. 5th Street.

The Laramie Pop-Up Art Walk, also hosted by Laramie Main Street, is an annual event during the second week of September that includes established galleries alongside “pop-up” shops, theatre, music, demos, and opportunities for the public to make art.

Along with the Art Walk, the NU2U Street Dance and Costume Party will be taking place as well. This is an annual event hosted and organized by NU2U.

The simultaneous timing of these two community events offers the perfect opportunity to launch the “Revive the Wyo” fundraising campaign with a focus on celebrating Laramie’s creative economy.

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