The City of Laramie’s annual Community Clean-Up Day is Saturday, and it features a few changes from what local residents have been used to throughout the years.

The first change is rather minor, in that this year’s date is two weeks later than previous years. That was adjusted for weather-reasons according to City of Laramie Code Enforcement Inspector Brian Forster. As an example, last year’s day was postponed twice.

Forster said this is a popular event.

"We’ve had up to almost 500 people turn out to clean-up. It’s great to see the people in the community come out in force like that.”

On Saturday, May 5, Forster said they’ll be set-up at City Hall on the corner of 4th and Ivinson from 7:30-to-9 a.m. handing out trash bags and safety vests.

“Also, we’ll have a map there to coordinate efforts and make sure if you want to be assigned a place to clean-up, we can send you out there,” said Forster.

If you have a group or organization that would like to clean-up a specific area, Forster said to contact the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance at 745-7339, as they are managing that piece of this annual event.

After you’re done cleaning up, there is a free lunch for all volunteers. They will be serving that in the alley behind Fire Station No. 1 (on 4th Street between Grand & Ivinson) from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.

There are two significant changes for Community Clean-Up Day.

The first is this date will no longer be a “Free Dump Day” at the Laramie Landfill as it has in the past. Instead, the City of Laramie is has gone to a voucher program for the landfill. This is where a resident can claim a voucher from the City of Laramie Solid Waste Division at 1167 North 4th Street. They are issued Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. only. The voucher can then be used on a date of your choice from May 14 through June 16, 2018. Residents will need a valid photo ID and a current utility bill. The name on the ID and bill must match. There is only one voucher per household or service address. Lost vouchers cannot be replaced.

Forster said most of the reaction to this has been positive.

“It’s much easier on the staff, and the other thing is having all those cars parked along Roger Canyon Road tends to be a little safety problem.”

Forster said there are restrictions on the voucher, and if you have any questions about it, please contact the City’s Solid Waste Division at (307) 721-5279. Any items that require special handling, such as tires or refrigerators, will still be charged a fee.

The second piece is there will no longer by dumpsters and city trucks positioned around town as in previous years. This change is also associated with the switch to the voucher for residents.

If residents or groups would like to arrange to get safety vests and trash bags before Saturday, contact Mr. Forster’s office at (307) 721-5285.

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