The Laramie City Council will consider changes to the city’s non-consensual towing policy to make it more fair to people who are subject to a tow.

Mayor Andrea Summerville said the city council is reviewing the policy over concerns that the price of a non-consensual tow was not always equitable, with some tow companies on the city’s rotational list for non-consensual tows charging more than others.

“The original discussion really centered around what the tow providers were charging the people that were subject to a city initiated tow,” Summerville said. “It appears that it was varying greatly. Should it really matter what day somebody happens to get their car towed on and what towing company was on the rotation list? Are we being fair and equitable to everybody?”

Summerville said the city council talked about a number of concerns and different ways to approach changing the policy. The new policy will establish procedures that make certain that all tow companies who choose to be on the city’s rotational list follow certain standards and makes sure the public is treated fairly and consistently.

“Hopefully this new policy bridges a lot of those concerns,” Summerville said. “We’ll see. City Council will still have a lot of discussion on this tomorrow night.”

Summerville said the changes will hopefully be in place by the end of the year.

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