The City of Cheyenne will begin using the Barnacle Parking Enforcement System on the vehicles of people who owe money for overdue parking tickets starting today.

The Barnacle is basically a high-tech 21st century version of a parking boot.

Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins earlier this year said the Barnacle will be placed on the windshields of those who have outstanding parking tickets (tickets not paid within 15 days).

That gets fairly expensive, as people whose cars are disabled by the system will not only have to pay their overdue tickets and a $30 late fee, but also a $250 fee to the Barnacle company plus a $200 deposit.

The Barnacle is placed on the windshield of scofflaw's cars.

The city has released more information on what people who are targeted with the Barnacle should do. Here is a video on removing the Barnacle.

Collins said at a news conference a few weeks back that the city was owed over $200,000 in unpaid parking tickets at that time, and that the revenues from parking go to make scheduled bond payments on the Jack Spiker Parking Garage. Over $638,000 is owed for the next such payment.

The city did implement a one-month amnesty period last month for people who owed money on outstanding parking tickets.

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