Keeping that speeding ticket off your driving record may cost you more in the future.

The Cheyenne City Council is considering raising the administrative fee for the Municipal Court's traffic school from $25 to $50.

"This is not a means to increase the money taken by the court, but rather to contain the cost of administering the program," said Municipal Judge Mark Moran.

The school isn't mandatory, but it does allow drivers who commit minor traffic infractions to take a class instead of paying a ticket that ends up on their record.

"It's a pretty comprehensive wrap-around school," said Moran. "It tends to work well, especially for people who haven't thought about changes in the way that we drive."

The last time the traffic school fee was increased was in 2004, when it was raised from $10 to $25.

"Some 11 years has passed since we've reviewed that fee," said Moran. "We examined the labor cost to go ahead and take care of it and we had hoped to increase the fee initially by $15."

The proposed fee increase will be on third and final reading when the council meets February 22.

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