The Cheyenne City Council is currently considering a resolution asking the state to loosen up the restrictions on how liquor licenses are allocated.

Under current guidelines, the licenses are limited by the following population limits

(d) The number of retail liquor licenses issued shall be based on the following population formula: (i) Not more than two (2) licenses in incorporated towns of five hundred (500) population or less; (ii) Not more than one (1) additional license for each additional five hundred (500) population or major fraction thereof in incorporated cities or towns up to a population of nine thousand five hundred (9,500); and (iii) Not more than one (1) additional license for each additional full three thousand (3,000) population over nine thousand five hundred (9,500).

Those restrictions were put in place in the 1930s, not long after prohibition was repealed. But some Wyoming residents feel the law is outdated and unnecessarily restrictive. Across the United States, there is a wide variation in how liquor licenses are allocated, with some states restricting the number of licenses, as Wyoming does.

Others allow the licenses to any business which can pay the necessary fees and comply with the liquor laws in that state. Here is the resolution under consideration by the city council:

attachment-liquor law resolution

A resolution does not change any existing city ordinance. In this case, the intent is to spark a discussion at the state level on how Wyoming liquor licenses are allocated.

Much as state law in the U.S. cannot overrule federal laws, local governments in Wyoming cannot ignore or overrule state law.

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