Ah, drinking games, taking time back to your younger years, or if you're in your younger years, probably last weekend. What better way to spend time when you're with a group of friends at a party than to strike up a drinking game. Power Hours were always my favorite in college with flip cup and beer pong mixed in, but there are tons of other games that you could play as well.

A brand new study from Shane Co. is going around and showing the details on what everyone's favorite drinking game is across the country. As I mentioned, there are a lot to choose from, and judging by their data, beer pong is the favorite, hands down. Even our noisy neighbors to the south love beer pong.

But, we're in Wyoming, and like most often times, we love to be different. I actually had to look up the game that came in first for the Cowboy State because I wasn't familiar with the title of the game. Fortunately, after looking it up, it has different names, so I've in fact played this particular drinking game.

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Wyoming's favorite drinking game according to the study is Kings Cup. It's also known as, Circle of Death, Waterfall, or Kings, which all three of those are more familiar to me than Kings Cup. But that may be regional.

So, now you know it. If you're having a casual get-together with drinking games on the to-do list, you'll want to add Kings Cup to your list of games since it's a favorite of the state.

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