I have dug up an unexpected and rare treat for you if you're a Wyoming rodeo fan. Check out vintage footage from the Cody Rodeo from way back in 1993.

I just saw this shared by Dodger's Trips on YouTube. I have no idea who Dodger is, but I'd like to shake his hand and say thanks. This video is like jumping in a time machine and traveling back 26 years arriving right in the middle of the Cody Nite Rodeo.

Keep in mind this is very raw video, but it does come with some commentary (guessing by the Dodger guy). How awesome was it to hear Chris LeDoux's "I Believe in America" played at the beginning of the rodeo? Very awesome is the correct answer.

A definite highlight is much of the video includes the rodeo announcer from back in the day in Cody giving the play-by-play of the action. Love it.

Moments like this are what I love about the internet. From pretty much out of nowhere, we get a share of rodeo life from back in 1993 direct out of Cody. Thanks again to the Rodger guy for a trip down rodeo memory lane.

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