The pastor of a church in Centennial, Wyo. has admitted that he made a false report about his shooting. Dennis Davis told authorities on Tuesday night that the gunshot wound to his abdomen came from his walking in on an apparent burglary and struggling with the suspect when his own gun fired and caused the wound.

According to the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, deputies were suspicious of the alleged crime when they arrived on scene Tuesday night. They said that conflicting statements by Davis combined with the evidence on the scene made them suspect a false report.

A total of 8 deputies from the Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene at Centennial Valley Community Church to investigate and conduct a search for a suspect. A Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit was fist on the scene and deployed in the area. The team was unable to identify any evidence indicating someone had fled from the scene, and deputies were unable to find anyone matching the description provided by Davis.

In the evening hours of Wednesday, August 27 investigators interviewed Davis about the incident. During the conversation, Davis admitted that he had falsified the report and that he had, in fact, shot himself. He explained that he had personal problems that had led to his actions. He apologized to the investigating deputies for his fabrications.

According to the Albany County Sherriff’s Office, a total of 18 personnel from the Sheriff’s Office, Centennial Volunteer Fire Department, Laramie Fire Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol, Department of Criminal Investigation Crime Lad and a medical flight crew responded to the scene.

The Sheriff’s Office points out that the situation was dangerous due to law enforcement quickly responding to the scene. If any person is injured during the response or investigation of a false report, it is a felony.

False reporting charges are pending against Davis.

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