The Cable Interrupt that uses local cable channels to notify Albany County residents during emergency situations was successfully tested yesterday after over a month of it not working properly.

The Cable Interrupt is provided by Charter, and has not been properly functioning since June 2015. After a tornado watch was issued in June, citizens noticed that cable programming was successfully interrupted with a screen, but no information as to the reason of the interruption was displayed. Additionally, the voice that should accompany the interruption was not present.

After the tornado warning, the situation was brought to the attention of the City of Laramie and the Emergency Management Office.

Yesterday, the Laramie/Albany County Records and Communications (LARC) Center successfully tested the capability of the system interruption at 10 a.m.

Many forms exist to warn Albany County residents of emergency situations, and those methods work separately from the others.

The local Emergency Management Office primarily notifies people of emergencies by siren notifications, CodeRED messaging, and Cable Interrupt messages.

Other notifications that are not in control of local agencies include notifications from the National Weather Service through NOAA weather radios, National Weather Service Phone Apps, and notifications through local media.

The Emergency Management Agency also notifies local radio stations and the National Weather Service during emergencies, and people are encouraged to utilize those services for redundant forms of Emergency Information.

For more information, contact the Albany County Emergency Management Coordinator Aimee Binning at 307-721-1815 or email


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