The Bureau of Land Management has a busy summer ahead. One issue the BLM will be addressing this summer is that of wild horse management. The BLM has scheduled a public hearing in Rock Springs June 21st to gather public input on the issues of horse management in the state of Wyoming.

An easy and efficient way of managing, maintaining and keeping track of  Wyoming's wild horses is by using helicopters as well as other motorized vehicles. The use of helicopters and other vehicles has brought much criticism and animal rights activists say that using vehicles during roundups is inhumane.

This year agency officials estimated there are 33,000 wild horses roaming freely across ten western states. The government has also funded many holding facilities around the state that are currently holding and caring for an additional 36,000 horses.

The Bureau of Land Management says the roundups are necessary to reduce overpopulated herds that cause ecological damage to range land. The BLM will be holding the meeting at the agency's High Desert District Office on June 21st.

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