This video is the perfect reminder of the sheer power of the bison. It's also a good reminder of why the National Park Service advises you to stay at least 25 yards from the massive animals.

An Instagram video has recently gone viral showing two male bison (also called bulls) duking it out in Yellowstone National Park. At one point in the short footage, one bull rams the other so hard and fast that it actually gets airborne! Considering the average weight of an adult male is 2000 pounds, that's a lot of force. To put it in perspective, 2000 pounds is a ton, which is also the weight of a compact car.

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The official National Park Service Instagram account shared the video, along with a comedic caption that read:

Arrrhhh! Prepare fer Rammin' speed, matey! 🏴‍☠️⁣

Durin' matin' season, male bison can be mighty aggressive, though all bison 'n other wildlife can be dangerous and give you a heave! Remember to always keep yer distance — 25 yards from bison 'n elk; 100 yards from all other wildlife. Be smart! Avoid mishaps 'n protect yer booty. ⁣

Video: Arrrhhh! Bison brawl caught on road in between cars at @Yellowstonenps last year. ⁣

#TalkLikeAPirateDay #bison #wildlife #yellowstonenationalpark

Although the official National Park Service Instagram page shared the video recently (September 19th, 2021), the footage was originally shared by Yellowstone National Park last August (2020), also as a reminder of how dangerous and aggressive male bison can be. The original video was captioned:

Bison mating season is still going on in the park. Male bison are particularly aggressive right now, though all bison and other wildlife can be dangerous. Remember to always keep your distance—25 yards from bison and elk; 100 yards from all other wildlife.

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