A player from the Cleveland Browns is no longer with the team after threatening people on Twitter after the 24-19 loss to Denver on Sunday.

Cleveland Browns Safety Jermaine Whitehead is looking for a job after going off on people on Twitter after Sunday's game against Denver.

According to USA Today, the Browns made it clear that his comments were not acceptable and he's gone.

It looks like the whole mess started with a Browns radio analyst's tweet saying that Whitehead's efforts at tackling on Sunday were 'a joke.'

Whitehead responded to that tweet by calling the analyst vile names and commenting 'don't get smoked.'

Then, someone else said that he sucked and Whitehead made a comment that implied he'd kill that person.

The Browns tried to give him a chance to calm down by suspending his account for a bit on Sunday, but once they reinstated the account he went off again, saying that he was back and that all his haters could come and get him.

The Browns are now 2-6 for the season. Whitehead's season is complete.

Have you gotten in trouble by not taking a 'beat' and then deleting an email or a Tweet that was too much?

Get more on the craziness from USA Today HERE.

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