As someone who walks a lot on city sidewalks, I'm wondering why there isn't more enforcement of replacing broken sidewalks and maintaining a right of way on sidewalks that are almost completely covered by the overgrowth of hedges. Could whoever cruises the alleys looking for noxious weeds also cite those who need to restore public access to sidewalks?


"The city addresses poor/damaged sidewalks mostly on a raised complaint basis only. If a complaint is received, the city's Engineering Office inspects the sidewalk to assess whether it is a safety issue or hazard. If the condition of the sidewalk presents a safety concern, a letter is sent to the owner to request they repair the sidewalk or curb and gutter. Under state statute, adjacent property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of sidewalks, which can be a financial burden on homeowners. It is for this reason we use great discretion when dealing with these matters.

Laramie Municipal Code requires property owners to keep sidewalks clear of vegetation so that pedestrians may have full access to those sidewalks. Vegetation must be cleared up to 8 feet above the sidewalk. If you notice a violation, please contact the Code Enforcement Inspector at 307-721-5285."

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