I'm wondering if it's possible to amend the law about biking across the 15th Street that goes over I-80. The signs read that cyclists must walk their bikes if using the sidewalk on this bridge, but it's very dangerous for cyclists to be in the southbound lane when taking the cycling route on the 15th Street bridge to the cycling lane on Spring Creek because the lane is very narrow and there is no shoulder. The northbound lane is a little bit more protected, but it is ultimately safer for cyclists and motorists if cyclists are able to use the sidewalk.

In comparison to the current rule on 15th, the pedestrian bridge over the train tracks that requires cyclists to dismount when they are within a specified distance of a pedestrian. I think this is a much more reasonable rule that could be applied to the 15th Street bridge, and could be expanded to require that cyclists dismount if there are any pedestrians ahead on the sidewalk at any distance. Allowing cyclists to ride on the 15th Street bridge sidewalk would not cost the city anything and would be safer for cyclists and motorists.


"The Garfield Street Bridge that crosses over the railroad tracks is for non-motorized vehicle travel (i.e. pedestrian and bicycle traffic)., which makes it quite different than the 15th Street bridge that crosses over I-80. After consulting with WYDOT, it was determined that the following rules apply to bicycles traveling on a typical street intersection, including the 15th Street bridge:

1. Bicycles must be ridden in the travel (or bike) lane

2. Bicycles must be walked when on a sidewalk, since sidewalks are specifically built for pedestrians. 

Because the sidewalk is part of the 15th Street section, it does not warrant a rule change for this area, and it has been determined that road rules for bicyclists should remain as is."

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