Why hasn't the city redone Boswell Street between 9th and 15th? It's in horrendous condition.


"The section of roadway is one example of why street construction standards have changed in recent years. Due to poor initial quality, this section is beyond repair and its future complete reconstruction will include a geosynthetic fabric grid, 18" base, and about 5-6" of asphalt. However, until the city can budget for its complete reconstruction, it will have to be patched.

A Pavement Management System (PMS) is utilized to determine a street's relative condition. The PMS generates a value for the pavement condition expressed as the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), which describes the pavement condition as having a value from 100 (new street) to 0. The average PCI for that section of roadway is 41, which isn't terrible, but the portion of roadway between S 9th and S 13th streets is in the 20s and in the early stages of failure. The city has limited funding available and all roadway projects must be prioritized; there are streets with lower PCIs and higher traffic volumes that need to be addressed first. This section will move up on our capital project list soon because of the increased traffic flow it has seen since the connection of E Boswell Drive to S 3rd Street. It is a local street, which does affect the prioritization. The section of S 9th Street just before this area will also need to be repaired since it is a collector street."


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