Laramie's internet infrastructure just got better. Last year, Bluepeak announced its state-of-the-art fiber-optic broadband was coming to Laramie. Well, Bluepeak has officially arrived.

Introducing Bluepeak Fiber-Optic Internet

In a press release announcing Bluepeak's forthcoming arrival to Laramie, CEO Rich Fish described the technology as "a different kind of provider with faster, more reliable speeds that will better connect homes, businesses, and organizations across the community." Its arrival heralds a more diverse internet market for consumers in the Gem City and promises a "future-proof fiber-optic network" for the city.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Bluepeak's $13 million Laramie expansion took place under the shady trees of Depot Park on May 24, 2022. Representatives of the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance and the City Council were in attendance.

Bluepeak Fiber Optic Sets Out to Enhance Laramie's Internet 

Casey Quinn, Bluepeak's Government Affairs Associate for Wyoming, attended the ceremony. He took a few moments to speak with Laramie Live about the project, emphasizing the benefits for Laramie residents, businesses, and University of Wyoming students.

When asked about how the arrival of Bluepeak will benefit Laramie, Casey Quinn stated,

"The technology is such a major advancement to these rural offers the same technology that's available in the East Coast and West Coast and large cities."


Quinn also acknowledged that Bluepeak's fiber-optic could help draw businesses into Wyoming and provide an environment conducive to the Cowboy State's tech industry development. "One of the greatest inhibitors to [companies] moving business here is lack of high-speed internet, and we're bringing that ability." According to Broadband Now, as of 2022, Wyoming ranks 45th for broadband access, with only 16.7% of the state having access to faster fiber-optic technology. Theoretically, the expansion of Bluepeak will improve the availability of the resource to the public and improve Wyoming's internet infrastructure overall.

The ongoing expansion of Bluepeak into Wyoming spans Cheyenne, Laramie, Casper, and Sheridan and will reach over 70,000 customers. Bluepeak estimates a two to three-year timeframe before the fiber-optic is accessible city-wide and plans to serve over 13,000 Gem City residences with their high-speed internet.

For more information on Bluepeak in Laramie, click here.

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