I mean, after you score a hat-trick, you're going to stunt, and so are your fans.

In case you missed it, Colorado Avalanche Centerman Nazem Kadri had a massive game last night in the 2nd round of the West playoffs against conference rival, St. Louis Blues. Kadri scored 3 goals, got the hat-trick, got the win, and moved the Avs closer to making the next round of the Playoffs with the 6-3 win over the Blues.

While there was a lot of celebrating on the side of the Avalanche from players to staff, to the fans, at least one fan has already won the internet for the day, and it's just around 8:30 in the morning.

If you go on Nazem Kadri's Wikipedia page, you'll see that a fan made some, well, we'll call them edits, after last night's win over the Blues. When you first read his bio at the top, they give information about him, like any celebrity or athlete. But, there was clearly an edit last night. At some point between now and the end of the game last night, according to Wikipedia, Kadri became the owner of the St. Louis Blues!

I enjoyed the belly laugh, too. Here, check out the screenshot.

Wikipedia Screenshot

While he isn't the official owner of the Blues at the moment, he did indeed own the Blues last night. Three times. I would venture to say, that Kadri gave St. Louis the blues last night. I'll keep them coming as I think of them.

This is why sports are great. I'm sure Twitter has exploded with mad Blues fans, but who cares? The Avs look great! Let's hope they can keep this momentum going!

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