Tuesday afternoon, on CNN’s “OutFront,” Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) said that the Senate would vote to “move to a final judgment” on impeachment this Friday the 31st, and “there are some Democrats who also will vote to acquit.”

Senator Brasso went on to say, “The momentum in our conference is clearly to moving to final judgment. … I’m very comfortable with where we are. I think we have a very strong case. We need to get back to the work of the American people, and that’s why we have the momentum moving to say, we’ve heard enough. We can make an informed decision and judgment. Let’s vote.”

So if that is where we are at, then why are the hearings not over..?

 “I think there are still some members that want to spend the time…listening to the answers to the questions of both the House as well as the White House’s cases, and hear what we have to say. … But ultimately, when it comes around to Friday, and it’s time to decide, should we move to a final judgment, I believe that is what will happen at that time, and then a vote to acquit President Trump. And it’s interesting on the Senate floor, visiting with other colleagues, I think there are some Democrats who also will vote to acquit.”

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