The Laramie Police Department has responded to over 71 auto-burglaries and unlawful
entries since August 8th, 2014. Common factors to these cases are all the vehicles have been unlocked. According to Commander Cushman with the Laramie Police Department, other vehicles that were locked were not broken into.

All areas of town have suffered unlawful entries to date. Commander Cushman notes that the Laramie Police Department has recovered some property so if you are missing any property from your vehicles or unlocked garages, please report the incident and see if the police have your property.

Authorities say the number one prevention technique to prevent theft of your property is to lock your vehicles and buildings. It is helpful to remove large amounts of cash, weapons, and portable electronics from the cab of your vehicle so people passing by cannot see easy targets inside your vehicle. It is wise, when your vehicle is unprotected or not in use, to keep these items in your house or out of sight in the trunk of the vehicle.

If you discover you are a victim, do not enter the vehicle until officers can process it for evidence. Other helpful prevention techniques can be learned from the Laramie Police Department Crime Prevention Specialist, Officer Kyle Groose at 307-721-3527.

If you have information about these crimes you could earn a case reward of up to $1,000 by calling 742-2273 (742-CARE). You do not have to provide your name and all information is kept strictly confidential. Please help the Laramie Police Department solve this crime by calling CRIMESTOPPERS at 742-CARE.

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