At the Gateway Gas and Liquor Store in West Laramie, there is a driveway into and out of the parking lot on the Cleveland street side. This exit/entrance #1, does not have a Stop sign. Why is this? Cars exit the parking lot without stopping and sometimes even looking to see who is turning onto Cleveland from the highway.

Which is my 2nd question, why is this exit/entrance so close to the corner coming off of a highway? Once again traffic is turning onto Cleveland and cars are exiting the parking lot, and it is hazardous. Additionally, when vehicles pulling any kind of a trailer pull out and stop at the stop sign on Cleveland to the highway, it blocks the roadway and cars turning onto Cleveland off the highway cannot get through. Another hazard.


“In general, private driveways do not have stop signs.  However, any traffic entering a public roadway is required to yield the right of way.

On the layout of the site you notice that the East drive was set back to the North for intersection issues with WYDOT.  The West drive didn’t have room to be set farther North as all the traffic would not line up with the pumps and be forced to direct traffic right next to the building.  The site design was completed in the best possible arrangement with all factors taken into consideration.”