Could the green arrows on the stoplights at 30th and Harney, 22nd and Harney, and 30th and Willett please be turned off?


"Left turn arrows are in place to improve safety at intersections. Green arrows are displayed at the end of a signal's phase to allow vehicles to safely make a left hand turn. A significant number of accidents at intersections involve left turning vehicles, which is why it's important to have left turn arrows to aid these vehicles in completing a safe turn. Laramie's traffic signals run in a lagging left turn phase (flashing yellow followed by a solid green arrow) and false calls can occur when a vehicle enters the detection zone of the left turn lane. A green arrow should not be displayed if a vehicle has not been detected. We will conduct a check on these signals to ensure they are functioning properly. Also, these signals run freely in a fully actuated mode to accommodate real-time traffic flow, rather than in a fixed-time mode, to help improve efficiency. This type of system helps reduce delays for motorists.

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