Albany County fire restrictions in effect since August will be lifted throughout the county Friday as weather improves and conditions grow less conducive to rapid fire spread.

Here's the full news release from Albany County Fire Warden Cyrus Rahman:

Due to moderating fire weather conditions, Albany County will lift the partial fire restrictions currently in effect throughout the county on September 23, 2016.  The forecast precipitation and lower temperatures will reduce the potential for dangerous fires to arise from ordinarily safe practices.

While the danger of accidental wildfire is diminished, it will remain important to handle fire cautiously.  The risk of a fire escaping through carelessness will remain and there will be occasional days on which this risk will be high.  Please avoid unnecessary fires on hot, dry, and windy days, especially while red flag warnings are posted by the National Weather Service.  As always, make sure campfires are cold before leaving them, using a shovel and water as required.

For additional information please contact the Albany County Fire Warden at 307-760-3641.

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