Love it or hate it, all Laramie residents know that Laramie, Wyoming is a very special place. And no matter how far away you go, anyone that has grown up or lived in Laramie knows these 5 statements might be ridiculous, but true.


  • (Photo Courtesy of Adam Porter)
    (Photo Courtesy of Adam Porter)

    All Roads Lead Back to the Buck

    A good dive bar, while a bit of an oxymoron, is an essential component of every college town's downtown area. Few people go downtown with the express desire of going to the Buckhorn, but Laramie's Dive Bar Hall of Fame inductee tends to draw people in, particularly after midnight as bar crawlers drop in for the last stop of the night.

  • Tom Lynn, Getty Images
    Tom Lynn, Getty Images

    Winter Grief Is Real

    With a winter season that can seemingly last forever, Laramie residents sometimes wallowing in their winter misery for upwards of 6 months. While those that live in states that experience all four seasons make fun of Wyoming for complaining about winter in May, anyone who's lived in Laramie knows that winter grief is real, and that everyone processes it differently.

  • Caitlin Anderle/Townsquare Media
    Caitlin Anderle/Townsquare Media

    Summer Is Always Better in Laramie

    Once Laramie residents finally do get through that Westeros-esque winter, though, summer becomes one giant party in Laramie. With the students home for the summer, seating is finally available at downtown restaurants, and Jubilee Days brings everyone together for a few days of merriment with the carnival and the street dances downtown.

  • Justin Edmonds, Getty Images
    Justin Edmonds, Getty Images

    The Border Wars Effect

    The annual Border War between the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University can turn even those who are admittedly not football fans into rabid UW supporters. Those who normally wouldn't attend a game all year will suddenly find themselves with a desire to go to a football game bedecked in brown and gold to rile up "greenies" and cheer the Pokes into taking home the Bronze Boot for another year.

  • Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media
    Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media

    No Matter Where You Go, Laramie Will Always Be Home

    Although Laramie can feel a bit stifling at times, and those that have grown up or gone to college here count down the number of days until they leave, there is no place quite like Laramie. Even when you leave, there's always something that will pull you back for at least a visit, whether it's the Border Wars game, Jubilee Days, or simply the need to relive the good old days with your friends at the Buck.

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