If you'd like to get a little amorous on eclipse day, and enjoy some, uh, "Afternoon Delight," here are 5 pick up lines:

5. The universe revolves around you since you’ve got real gravitational force.

4. Did the sun just come back out, or did you just smile? 

3.  Do you work for NASA because you are out of this world?

2.  I’m the sun and you’re the earth. The closer we get, the hotter you are.

1. You’re even more attractive in person than in my telescope.

The website full of eclipse pick up lines are here. They sure didn't come from me.

You, however, feel free to add more lines, like ...

"You put the 'lit' in totality."

"How about we make like the sun and get busy with some coronas?"

"I’m attracted to you like the earth to the sun – with a large force inversely proportional to the distance squared ... Baby."


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