Is there anything that can be done about the safety of the intersection at 30th and Garfield? I've been almost hit several times since the installation of the new parking spaces.


"For the last 5 years, the city has conducted extensive studies of the intersection of S 30th Street & E Garfield Street and, this past summer, we hired a traffic engineering consultant to assist in our efforts. Previous studies for this intersection did not support the installation of additional stop signs or reconfiguration of the current stop sign placement. Additionally, the proximity of this intersection to E Grand Avenue places constraints on what can be done to remedy the situation, as well as avoid having traffic back up onto E Grand Avenue. In regard to pedestrians, there is not enough foot traffic at this intersection to support the installation of a HAWK signal. Currently, a HAWK signal is used for the high volume of pedestrian traffic on E Grand Avenue at S 19th Street. City staff will continue to monitor the situation, as well as look for ways to remedy the situation."

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