Earthquakes at Yellowstone National Park are really no big deal. They happen all the time, but a recent rapid fire earthquake swarm near Lewis Lake was a little weird.

The USGS reported nearly a dozen earthquakes in the Park on April 29, 2019 as you can see on their park map. The largest was registered as a 2.6 by the USGS which is worth paying attention to followed by a 2.3 and 2.1.


In the video above, Ben Ferraiuolo does a good job breaking down the history of earthquake swarms in this part of Yellowstone. He digs into the Yellowstone quake details around the 9:40 mark. Spoiler alert: he doesn't believe this was caused by magma movement in case you're looking for something to feed your supervolcano conspiracy theories.

I am an earthquake nerd and pay special attention to what's happening in Yellowstone since it's practically in our backyard. As for now, doesn't appear like anything unusual, but definitely interesting in an earthquake kind of way.

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