With the rise in popularity of on demand streaming and a continuous development of content, more Americans are opting to watch TV on streaming services such as Netflix in addition to (or instead of) traditional cable.

A recent study compiled by High Speed Internet has revealed the most popular streamed Netflix titles by state. To compile the list, they cross referenced the top 75 shows streamed on Netflix, then cross referenced them with Google Trends by state.

While ABC's "Scandal" was the popular favorite, several states were fans of Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black" and the CW's "Crazy Ex Girlfriend."

As for Wyomingites, the most popular show was the CW's "iZombie," which follows former medical student Olivia "Liv" Moore after she gets infected at a party and takes a job at the local medical examiner's office to keep a fresh supply of brains. When the brains give her flashbacks of the lives of murder victims, she pretends to be a psychic to help solve the crimes.

A complete list of the shows streamed by state can be found here.

Is "iZombie" one of the shows you streamed on Netflix this year? If not, what else did you watch?

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