What’s our favorite thing to eat while watching the Super Bowl? There’s an answer now - for each state. According to the travel site, Thrillist, all the math on this was done by a team at General Mills. And getting right down to Wyoming, our favorite food at a Super Bowl party is Sliders. Hmmm, I mean “Mmmm.” That’s not weird. I just had us figured for chili, but three other states also love that, in some form or another. There is also one other Slider State - Georgia.

For each state’s favorite game day foods, recipe searching from BettyCrocker.com and other sites was used, also combining the most popular and most unique searches by each state.

Okay, so it was that old judge-by-what-people-searched method. Seems as fair as any other way, right? The most searched usually means we basically have no idea what the majority will be, so we often end up saying, “I would not have guessed that.” But who’s against sliders? Apparently, there aren't many against them in the Cowboy State.

Just make a ton of those little things for Sunday, so everyone can have as many as they want. After all, they have to last a whole five quarters. I mean that's four quarters of football and a long halftime show.

And our bordering states favorites:

Colorado -- Taco Pie (Not a super food, but definitely Super BOWL food.)

Idaho -- Little Smokies (You know, the smoked wieners.)

North Dakota -- Little Smokies - but N.D. likes theirs “Bacon wrapped.”

Montana -- Buffalo Chicken Dip (Uh, y'all enjoy  that up there.)

South Dakota – Hummus (NICE!)

Utah -- Pulled Pork

It can be fun to look over the full list of 50 – right here. And one more thing, if you were looking for food ideas, as host of a Super Bowl party, I guess this is just in time, huh? You're welcome.

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