Storm chasing is an exciting and dangerous hobby for many individuals in Wyoming and the surrounding area.

The Cheyenne Weather Service saw 15 severe thunderstorm warnings and 23 tornado warnings June 12— Independent forecaster Eric Ogle was one of several chasing them across the state.

Eric says he believes this summer could create several more severe storms capable of producing tornadoes. Eric, who has a degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Wyoming and has been storm chasing for about 10 years, says he has noticed certain weather patterns shifting later than they previously have, which could lead to a longer severe storm season.

However, predicting weather in the Cowboy state isn't easy. Eric says the terrain can make prediction difficult as it isn't always the run of the mill plains land. He recommends using several models for weather forecasting. He also recommends this for anyone else who storm chases. The weather models also vary a bit, so Eric encourages people to frequently keep an eye on them.

Check out Eric's tips to novice storm chasers and season predictions below.

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