Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi on Wednesday said goodbye to the U.S. Senate after serving in that legislative body for 24 years.


The Republican previously served as mayor of Gillette and in the Wyoming House of Representatives before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996. In his farewell address,

Enzi urged cooperation among people of different political persuasions. He posted the following statement on his Facebook Page:

''After 24 years in the Senate, I gave my farewell address on the Senate floor today. I have really enjoyed being a senator. Not for the title, not for the recognition and certainly not for publicity. I love solving problems for folks in Wyoming and America. I like working on legislation.
A farewell speech by a Senator can be an important moment, and I used it to encourage my colleagues in the Senate to really focus on working together on the common ground we share to get legislation done, and not get stuck fighting over the same dividing issues over and over again. As we move forward, our country has no shortage of problems we need to address. Some are out of our control, but many are of our own making. If my experience over the years has taught me anything, it is that we will never be able to tackle these challenges unless we find common areas of agreement first and work to solve those problems together.
I also gave thanks to the people of Wyoming, my staff and, most importantly, my family and all their support over the years. I especially owe thanks to my wife Diana. It has been a long journey since I first told her I was thinking of running for Mayor of Gillette 50 years ago. She has supported me more than anyone can truly comprehend. In no uncertain terms, I couldn’t have done it without her. It has been more than 50 amazing years together, and I look forward to our next adventure together.''
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