Laramie, Wyoming native Travis Daniels has been in the Navy for 11 years. He says he joined to provide for his family, and because of a sense of patriotic duty.

"I felt a sense of patriotism and still do," said Daniels.

Today, the 1992 graduate of Laramie High School, is Chief Petty Officer Travis Daniels, and he works with sailors in the operation and maintenance of shipboard weapons and sensors.

“I train teams of surface ship sailors how to effectively search, track and destroy threats like submarines,” Daniels said. “I get to meet many different people from across the fleet, including some I'll serve with later in my career aboard another ship.”

Daniels attributes some of his success with the values he learned growing up in Laramie. “I learned the importance of hard work,”  he said. "There's a strong work ethic and loyalty growing up in a small town."

Now, Daniels is stationed with the Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS) in San Diego, California.

“This is a tight-knit group of senior enlisted sailors,” said Daniels. "I'm proud to join this family. Hard work pays off, and I'm thankful for the work ethic I learned from Wyoming. I'm willing to get my hands dirty and lead side-by-side with others."

Serving in the Armed Forces is a family tradition for Daniels.

“My dad was a helicopter pilot in the Navy, and I have three brothers-in-law who were in the military,” he said. "My step-mom was also a hospital corpsman in the Navy.”

“They all inspired me to join the military,” Daniels added. “I'm thankful to them for their service and pointing the way for me to start my own career.”

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