A spokesman for United Blood Services in Cheyenne is asking people to donate blood to make up for the demand caused by the shootings in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Justin Irish is a donor recruitment representative with UBS. He says United Blood Services has a donor bank in Las Vegas which will rapidly become depleted due to the increased need for blood transfusions for shooting victims. While blood donated in Wyoming will not be available for transfusion in Las Vegas for a couple of days or so, he says it's important to replace the blood that is being used to help those victims so that the blood reserves are still available to help those who need blood over the next few days.

Irish says that while all types of blood are needed, O negative is always especially in demand because it is universally usable by everyone. Irish says in emergency situations O negative is often used to stabilize patients while doctors find out what the victim's blood type is. They then are given transfusions of their specific blood type.

People can call United Blood Services in Cheyenne to make an appointment to donate blood at (307) 638-3326. People can donate blood at the UBS location in Cheyenne from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 112 East 8th Avenue.

UBS in Casper is located at 2801 East  2nd Street. The phone number for UBS in Casper is (307) 237-2328.


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