The Wyoming GOP has released a statement about the arson and vandalism at the Albany County Headquarters located in Laramie.

The fire occurred during the early hours of September 6. Nobody was injured, but an individual living in the apartment above the headquarters was evacuated. The GOP's full statement can be read below:

"The Wyoming Republican Party condemns the forced entry and vandalism that took place last week at the Albany County Republican office. We applaud the Federal Bureau of Investigation for getting involved with the investigation of this erroneous crime. Furthermore, after learning the space above the office is an occupied residence, the felony arson must be deemed as an incredibly dangerous and potentially lethal act. The crime scene also shows strong evidence of being politically motivated. Patriotic items such as our United States flag and other symbols of freedom near and dear to our Republic were damaged or destroyed.

The forceful and malicious damage sustained to this private property is extensive and inentional. The Wyoming Republican Party seeks full prosecution of the individual or individuals responsible for this attack and views this act as one of desperation by extremists illegally expressing their opposition. We believe our values represent the people of Wyoming and will be undaunted in continuing to help Republicans win elections."

The fire is still under investigation. Updates will be provided as they become available.

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