The Torrington Police Department is asking people to be on the lookout for people vandalizing or stealing political candidate signs.

That's according to a post on the Torrington Police Department Facebook page. The post also says people have been posting political graffiti on public property.

According to the post, police have gotten numerous reports over the last two weekends from residents who say political signs in their yards have been stolen or vandalized. The incidents have usually occurred late at night or in the morning hours. The post goes on to say

''Just because our political candidates don’t get along, doesn’t mean we can’t take care of each other.

The constitutional freedoms that allow us to express ourselves and support political candidates of our choosing are important parts of our democracy. If we wish to continue to enjoy these freedoms, we must maintain an environment in our community where we can have healthy discussions, rather than trying to drown out opinions that are different than our own.''

Police are asking anyone who sees the theft or vandalization of a campaign sign to report it to law enforcement.

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