With the Memorial Day Holiday weekend approaching, taking three-to-four seconds to put on your seat belt, could be the difference between either walking away or being taken away from the scene of a vehicle wreck.

The Wyoming Seat Belt Coalition says extra law enforcement officers will out on Wyoming streets and highways, stepping up seat belt enforcement, between May 23rd through June 5th.

The National Highway And Traffic Safety Administration will be providing the funding for the overtime pay that officers will receive.

Doctor Darren Bowe is the Director of Trauma at Wyoming Medical Center in Casper.

He says some people have misconceptions, when it comes to seat belt use.

"Just because we're in a rural area, we don't see people who die in motor vehicle crashes. In fact, if you look across the country, almost double the number of motor vehicle fatalities, occur in rural areas as compared to urban areas. Second, you're not protected just simply because you're in a large vehicle or truck. we see more people die in trucks as compared to car and motor vehicle crashes."

Dr. Bowe says another myth is that some people think depending on where you're sitting in the vehicle, will determine how much protection you have, if the vehicle gets into a wreck.

According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, there have been 16 fatalities on Wyoming highways so far in 2016, compared to 46 this time last year.

12 of those 16 were not restrained.

Video From The Wyoming Seat Belt Coalition Press Conference Held In Casper On Tuesday, May 17th:

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