Look at the  percentages who are online getting hooked up, if not married, but now it's only more dangerous. Rape and assault, money scams and identity thefts, are all part of online dating. Wasn't the whole idea to find love? Fortunately some states are safer and Wyoming is one.

All fifty states are now ranked, according to backgroundchecks.org. #1 is more safe and #50 is more like Russian roulette. After Northeastern states Vermont and Maine are at numbers one and two, the rest of the top five is Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Backgroundchecks.org says, “There seems to be a correlation between quiet, peaceful wilderness and safe online dating.”

Last on the list is Missouri, thanks to a huge risk of identity theft. Florida and Louisiana are at 49, and 48, both with indulging party populations. Tinder in Miami and New Orleans is risky. Nevada has high rates of STD infection and violent crime. Not to characterize, but, “What happens in Vegas” equals #46.

The top five safest states for online dating are:
1. Vermont
2. Maine
3. Idaho
4. Utah
5. Wyoming

The top five most dangerous are:
1. Missouri
2. Florida
3. Louisiana
4. Maryland
5. Nevada

Find all 50, in order, here. And let's be careful out there.

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