It is probably not the most friendly of months during the summer to bring this up due to the high temperatures that may have you blasting your air conditioner throughout most of the day, but if you are thinking your energy bills have been especially costly as of late, it is not exactly a coincidence.

WalletHub has recently released a study that shows the states that are the most energy-expensive and as it turns out, Wyoming is the second most expensive state for energy costs on the list.

The study shows where each state ranks given the residential costs for energy which include electricity, natural gas, motor fuel, and home heating oil. Wyoming had the highest motor fuel consumption per driver in the U.S. That monthly number averaged out to $246 per month. Our state also finished 17th in natural gas cost per month with an average cost of $41 per month. The total monthly costs for energy for the states of Wyoming averages out to $403. Only Connecticut is more expensive as they pay $411 per month on average.

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Despite the fact that U.S. residents were typically inside for much of 2020, when you might think they definitely spent more on energy since everyone was at home, there has actually been a 2.8 percent projected increase in energy spending for 2021.

In contrast, just to our south, Colorado spends the second least per month on energy of any state. They pay $269 per month. Only the state of Washington paid less than them. Washington, D.C. (not yet a state) paid the least at $217. To check out where all the states ranked on the list, check out the map below.

In the meantime, try to stay cool this summer while keeping those energy costs down, Wyoming.

Source: WalletHub

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