On August 4th I posted a poll question asking who you'd vote for Wyoming Governor that drew over 1,300 votes and a lot of conversation.

In fact there was so much conversation, that major supporters of all four Wyoming candidates in the poll shared it and asked their supporters to share it.  One candidate's campaign manager even called us to make sure the poll was "not rigged."

A few things to keep in mind about this poll...1,300 votes isn't nearly the number of actual Wyoming voters. Almost all votes came from Townsquare Media Wyoming locations (Casper, Cheyenne, and Laramie.) We did eliminate several people who found a way to vote multiple times. And all four candidates at one time had the lead.

Don't forget to actually make your vote count this Tuesday, August 19th at the primary! 

Here is how the poll looks as of Saturday, August 16th.

Cindy Hill 35.74 %

Taylor Haynes 32.31%

Matt Mead 19.77%

Pete Gosar 11.45%


Dee Cozzens (2)

Robert McGee

Mickey Mouse

Marlis Slater

Anyone else

Joe Barney


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