Democratic members of the Wyoming Legislature have issued a statement on the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning the 1973 Roe V. Wade abortion ruling.

While the high court's ruling last week does not make abortion illegal in the United States, it does allow individual states to do so. So long as the Roe V. Wade decision remained in effect, states could put some restrictions on abortions but could not ban them outright.

The Wyoming Legislature earlier this year passed a ''trigger ban"--House Bill 92-- which would ban most abortions if Roe V. Wade was to be overturned, as has happened. Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed the bill into law in March,

The nine Democratic members of the legislature--7 Representatives and two state Senators--signed off on a statement that reads in part:

This law will effectively make Wyoming an abortion provider desert". The effects will be devastating on our society’s hardest hit. For many women, it will limit their ability to choose whether they fully participate in the workforce or are forced to be mothers by the state. This is reflected as well in the dissenting Supreme Court opinion,

“The majority would allow States to ban abortion from conception onward because it does not think forced childbirth at all implicates a woman's rights to equality and freedom. Today's Court, that is, does not think there is anything of constitutional significance attached to a woman's control of her body and the path of her life. A State can force her to bring a pregnancy to term, even at the steepest personal and familial costs.”

The statement goes on to predict ''further assaults on women’s rights, our LGBTQ community, and those without access to healthcare."

Governor Gordon, meanwhile, posted his own statement on Facebook following the ruling: "Today's Supreme Court decision is a decisive win for those who have fought for the rights of the unborn for the past 50 years. I signed Wyoming’s prohibition on abortion bill because I believe that the decision to regulate abortions should be left to the states."

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