Planning the perfect Mother's Day is tricky. It takes finesse to find the perfect balance of allowing that special mom in your life luxurious alone time AND showering her with love and affection.

As a mom of five, I know a bit about motherhood and Mother's Day, and while I can't speak for EVERY mom I feel like the tips below will be helpful!

DO Make her breakfast in bed (yummy coffee, fresh fruit, and a baked delight).

DON'T Wake her up before 8 to eat it...maybe even let her sleep until after 9. And whatever you do, DON'T forget to clean up after yourself.

DO Have the kids pick out gifts for her.

DON'T Take them to Home Depot to pick out the gifts. Perhaps one of our local boutiques or even Target would be a better choice.

DO Get her a gift card to her favorite local Spa or Salon.

DON'T forget to include babysitting so she can actually take time to enjoy the pampering.

DO Give the gift of guilt-free shopping with a gift card to her fav local boutique, store or online site.

DON'T Simply give her the gift card, get a card and take time to jot down a few notes about why she's amazing.

DO Help the kids to create hand made pictures, cards, mugs, or home decor items.

DON'T forget to clean up all the glitter, glue and paint splatters!

BONUS IDEAS: Clean the house, have the kids sign her favorite song, put together a photo album of pictures of her with the kids, fresh flowers, a meal out, or a night in watching her favorite movie...complete with soda and snacks!

Just girls having a good time.

In the end, the best thing you can do to show that special mom in your life how important they are to you is to simply say "Thank You"  and acknowledge all the hard work they put into taking care of their families!

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