A bill that could eventually lead to Wyoming staying on Daylight Saving Time year-round if four surrounding states do the same passed a committee vote in the Wyoming Legislature on Monday.

The vote in favor of the bill in the House Travel, Recreation, Wildlife, and Cultural Resources Committee was 8-1. Rep John Winter (R-Big Horn, Hot Springs, Fremont and Park counties) was the lone no vote in committee. You can read House Bill 44 here.

The bill would direct Wyoming to remain on Daylight Saving Time year-round if the surrounding states of Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Montana do the same.

The Dakotas and Nebraska are not included in that list because they are split between the Mountain and Central Time Zone.

Bill sponsor Rep. Dan Laursen (R-Park County) told the committee that the time change needs to be done away with because ''it hurts people. It hurts the elderly and it hurts school children.''

Laursen told the committee that 11 states have so far taken moves towards doing away with the time change, and at least two bills in Congress take aim at the same goal.

A similar bill cleared the Wyoming House in 2019 and was defeated on back-to-back tie votes of 15-15 in the Wyoming Senate.

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