A bill that would create a hotline and online form for Wyoming citizens to report waste, fraud,  and abuse is being proposed in the Wyoming Legislature.

Senate File 70 is sponsored by Sen. Tom James (R-Sweetwater) and several co-sponsors. In addition to creating a toll-free phone line and an online form for reporting governmental abuses, the bill would also require that every report of abuse be reviewed by the Department of Audit. That department could refer reports to other state agencies.

The names of those reporting the alleged abuse would be kept ''confidential to the extent reasonably possible." The bill also says the system "may allow anonymous reporting."

The bill would also offer state employees who report such problems protection from retaliation.

The Department of Audit Director would also be required to post the results of reviews of complaints at least quarterly. The 2020 session of the Wyoming Legislature gets underway on Monday, Feb.10.

Since the session is a budget session. non-budget items will require a 2/3 majority vote for introduction.

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