Earlier this week, I wrote a piece about doing the Laramie Brewery Walk over the weekend for my birthday. Yes, I did have a great birthday, thanks for asking. Anyways, we hit up all 5 breweries in Downtown Laramie, which, isn't a tough feat, but, you have to pace yourself. That's a helpful hint in case you decide to follow my lead.

Enter Coal Creek Tap

First off, Coal Creek Tap is vastly underrated. Not only is their beer great, the taproom smells amazing, thanks to their coffee shop next door.

On our trip last weekend, we stopped at Coal Creek Tap for a beer on our walk. The first thing I look for when I walk in, is what's on their Nitro. They have cask style beer on their Nitro and it's almost always one of the best beers, not only on their menu, but, possibly in the state of Wyoming. A lot of people aren't fans of Cask beer, and that's ok. It's a little warmer and the carbonation isn't what you might be use to. But, man, I love it.

The Vedawoo English Mild is not only a great tasting beer, it's perfect in every way. It's only 4.2 ABV, which is pretty low for a craft beer, so you can have a few without worrying about falling out of your seat. It's also got a great English style taste, kind of like an ESB, but not that bitter.

Just look at that foam. Yum. OK, so, if you're not been to Coal Creek Tap in Laramie, it's totally worth the trip. Get a pastry if the coffee shop is open, too.

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