State Treasurer Mark Gordon is warning the people of Wyoming about scams regarding unclaimed property funds.

A release sent by the Treasurers Office says that scams are still surfacing regarding unclaimed property "to fleece money from unsuspecting Wyoming residents."

In the scam, residents are contacted by finders, who will ask potential victims to sign contracts and pay money for a "finder" to located money that belongs to you.  Gordon says that in these cases, the fee charged by the finder can reach as much as 50%.

Sometimes unclaimed property does go out unpaid.  However if the funds are held by the state, 100% of those funds are available to the owner through the Unclaimed Property Division.  Gordon reminds that the State of Wyoming does not charge a fee of any kind for returning funds.

"Inheritances, overpayments, wages, insurance proceeds and savings accounts are just some of the types of funds that become unclaimed."  Gordon goes on to say that scammers wanting claiming to be able to find the information for you maybe after more than a cut of the findings.  "Obtaining [personal information] is a way for unscrupulous individuals to rob your accounts of your hard-earned money and possibly committing identity theft."

The State Treasurer's Office does provide information about unclaimed property for free.  the list of names is also available for free on the web.

More information is also available at the Wyoming Unclaimed Property Division of the State Treasurer's Office at or by calling 307-777-5590.

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