Winter has arrived in Wyoming with gusto. The storm that hit yesterday brought a few inches of snow plus plenty of ice to create a traffic nightmare on Pershing here in Cheyenne, though other parts of the state only got a nice dusting.

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With the return of snow, I found myself having to pull out boots, gloves, and a shovel for the first time in several months. And as I was trying to skate my way to the car this morning, I remembered some of the most annoying parts of winter in Wyoming.

Don't get me wrong, winter weather in the Cowboy State has its upsides. I love watching snow fall while drinking hot cocoa, gearing up for the holiday season, and the return of seasonal coffees at the cafes (Peppermint Mochas, here I come!)

But we all know that Wyoming can have pretty brutal winters. Remember the Bomb Cyclone?


And, as much as we may love living here, it's alright to complain about them - it's kind of a bonding experience for us Wyomingites. We're tough. We deal with crazy weather. So why not share our least favorite parts for a laugh or two?

Here are a few things Wyomgites love to hate about our winter weather:

20+ WORST Parts of Wyoming Winter

Wyoming winters aren't for the faint-hearted. But what are the worst parts?

There's no doubt that Wyoming winters aren't always easy. But we're stuck with it for the next few months - so grab that cocoa and settle in.

Was your least favorite thing about Wyoming winter on the list? If not, drop it in the app - because we'd love to hear it!

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