The highway through the Wind River Canyon has been the scene of several large rockslides recently due to extra moisture in the area, according to the Wyoming Department Of Transportation.

One Wyoming resident caught a rockslide on video Saturday evening (May 13th), highlighting the danger of such slides. Chrissy Wright told us she, her mother, and her two children were traveling back from Billings.

"We came upon this and there had been just the one big rock in the road at the time, that had just fallen moments before we pulled upon it. So we stopped and I decided to get out of the car and go take some video of it because there were still rocks falling. I had a strange feeling that there was going to be a bigger slide and sure enough I caught it on the video. I was close enough that I actually got dirt in my mouth and in my eyes. After this happened we decided to turn around and go back to Thermopolis and stay the night and try to make it the rest of the way back to Riverton this morning."

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