On social media you will find #toiletpapergate and #toiletpapercrisis trending. Rolls were being sold on E-Bay for hundreds of dollars. Listeners called radio stations to win packs of 2-ply.

Is it really that bad? Are people that desperate?

This is America, not Socialist Venezuela. We have plenty of TP. There is no shortage. Really, there isn't.

So what's going on? Does Coronavirus cause dysentery? NO, it does not.

The best I could find when I searched for an answer to the TP run around the world is that when governments advised people to stock up on what they might need to stay home on lock-down for awhile. The panic-buying included a rush on those coveted paper scrolls.

But really, there is no shortage of toilet paper. Plenty is being manufactured every day.

Just a run on it.

No pun intended.



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